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You’ll love it if you’re Down Under

Illegal immigrants are one of the biggest problems in Australia; people come by already half-sinked boats from all over Asia and India to breed, work and live in Oz. These people cost a lot for a normal Australian consumer.

For illegal immigrant Australia is a tax haven, money comes under the table in the middle of the night from some slimy unpatriotic jackass. Those traitors don’t realise that when they give 200 AD less for some poor toothless vietnamise granny, it’s not 200 more in their own pockets. That money is off from every australians health care, traffic safety and what ever else they are paying from their tax money.

And not to mention, getting jobs for illegal foreigners is a big signal for more people to try their luck in Australia. So the problem feeds itself…

When I went in my travels to Victoria I met a small group of Asian people while staying in small village nearby Shepparton. For some reason all the men had decided to ghange their names. And all of them were Joes. Handsome Joe, Big Joe, Fat Joe…  They had one thing more incommon than just a name – they all were illegally in Australia. Nice, hardworking people who picked and packed tomatos in a greenhouse 14 hours a day with ridiculously small payment.

One day I asked Joe (the handsome one) to bring me few tomatos with him. I wasn’t quite sure if he understood what I was asking but when I got back home there was a small bag next to my front door. But when I opened it I felt bad immediately – there was two packages of Coles packed tomatoes. Poor Joe, he bought me tomatos because he wanted to be nice, i thought. I took the whole bag and went to Joes and said that he shouldn’t had bought me anything! But surpise surprise, Joe said he hadn’t bought anything. From glasshouse, from work, he said.

You’ll love it.


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  1. coles – community support!


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